Tokyo DisneySea

Today I went to Tokyo DisneySea. It was pretty cool to go there and seeing this ginormous spinning globe when you first get there. Then once you go inside there is what looks like some European street with boat rides in the water in the middle. On the far side of the water is a pirate attraction that is being overlooked by a volcano that erupts every hour on the hour. It is a pretty cool setting with some really neat attractions like Journey to the center of the earth, Indiana Jones, 20,000 leagues under the sea, and so on.

I would have to say the design of the park definitely can use some improvements. The biggest improvements that I think the park needs is the restaurants. There are so few restaurants that there are long lines for every one. I waited an hour and a half for a bad lunch that ended up costing me 4,000 yen or about $44.52 US dollars. Also, you better know what you want to eat prior to going to a specific restaurant because each one has something different and if you don’t like what they have then will need to walk around the park to find one that you like. Another major improvement the park needs is more drinking stands. I walked around the park all day looking for something to drink and it seemed that the only drinks that were available were from the restaurants. If you are looking for a bottle of water to carry around with you, I say you better have brought it with you because you probably won’t have any good luck finding it in the park. Finally, the last thing that you better have already known about before you get to the park is that there are these things called quick passes. I’m not exactly sure how it works, but when the park opens you have 1 hour to go register for a quick pass. Once you get a quick pass then get to go to all the attractions in this fast line that is only about a 15 minute wait. Of course I was not aware of the quick pass so I was stuck waiting an hour and a half for every ride that I wanted to go on. There were some rides like Journey to the Center of the Earth and Indiana Jones that I did not go on because those both had four hour lines. That’s crazy to be standing there 4 hours for one ride with nothing to drink. If that park wanted to make some real money, the would put drink stands in each of the attraction lines because people would buy that right up. Anyway, it was neat to go see and experience once, but I’m not sure how soon I’ll be going back.

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