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Jul 20

San Diego Duck Boat Tours

Around San Diego, California you may see some tour vehicles that have a seal painted on the side of them. The tours use duck boats and they drive around on land and then they drive right into the water to cruise over and check out some sea lions or seals in the San Diego bay. …

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Jul 05

Sea World Sea Turtles

Here are some photos of sea turtles and some fish that you can see in the tanks at the sea world in San Diego, California.

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Jul 03

Sea World Aquarium Fish

Here are some images of different types of fish found at the Sea World Aquarium.

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Jul 03

Sea World Dolphin Show

The dolphin show at Sea World, San Diego was a lot of fun. At the beginning of the show this guy came out to get some crowd participation and he sang some songs and made everybody laugh. The next part of the show the dolphin trainers came out and told everybody what they do at …

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Jun 12

San Diego Administration Center

Went by the San Diego Administration Center and I liked the architecture so I snapped a couple photos of the building.

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Jun 11

Orca Encounter Sea World San Diego

I went to the Orca Encounter show at Sea World in San Diego, California. The show has been changed as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has protested Sea World numerous times and also the movie Black Fish has portrayed Sea World in a negative light. For me Sea World is doing nothing …

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Mar 13

Video Landing in San Diego at Night

Here is a time lapsed video of a view from an airplane landing at the San Diego airport at night.

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Jan 09

Roses in La Jolla, California

While in La Jolla I was walking down the street and saw these beautiful roses. I just had to stop and snap some photos of them.

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Oct 31

Happy Halloween 2016

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Halloween! Here are some Halloween images of a sand art sculptures in Imperial Beach, California.

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Oct 30

Sights Around the Imperial Beach Pier

Took a walk on the Imperial Beach pier and took some photos of different things around the area. Here are those photos:

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