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Sep 07

Bikes, Babes, and Beer…Oh My!

Went to an event at Boarder X Brewery in San Diego, California that had bikes, models, and it was at a brewery so it had beer. Talk about an excellent combination. Here was one one the models that was posing in front of the vehicles.

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Sep 05

San Diego Airport

Here are some things I saw while at the San Diego airport. One was a group of people that were all white and the title of it is, “At the Gate.” The other photo was of the Spirit of Saint Louis airplane.

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Aug 25

Photos of San Diego

Here are some photos look at San Diego from Harbor Island.

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Aug 20

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo Monument

Drove over to Point Loma in San Diego, California today to see the Cabrillo National Monument and take some photos to document my experience. Prior to going here I knew absolutely nothing about Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and his monument. Photos describing about Cabrillo and the monument: Photos of the Cabrillo monument itself: Photos of the …

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Jul 28

Jollibee San Diego

Today I drove through National City and I found a Jollibee there.  The last time I had Jollibee was in the Philippines.  I might go over there sometime just to try it out.

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Jul 26

San Diego Living

Some days it is so nice living in San Diego, California.

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May 25

Interesting Vegetation

During my evening walk I came across this huge bushes.  These things had to be at least 9 feet tall and they were big and bushy.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  I don’t know if these are tropical plants or desert plants or whatever they sure were interesting.

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May 24

Evening View of Point Loma

Here is a photo of the beautiful view of Coronado Island and Point Loma in San Diego, California.

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Apr 22

San Diego Padres Face-off Against the Saint Louis Cardinals

Today the San Diego Padres are facing off in game one of a three game series with the Saint Louis Cardinals Major League Baseball game. I went down to Petco Park to partake in the festivities. Here are some of the photos from my experience. Spoiler alert: The Padres beat the Cardinals 4-1 tonight. It …

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Apr 21

Ocean Beach Hippie Van

Today I was driving through Ocean Beach in San Diego, California and I saw a hippie van with a couple of hippies inside of it. I thought it was interesting enough to take a photo of. I can’t read everything, but I think the front of the van reads, “Feel the sun. Love the moon.”

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