I Ate Too Much

So tonight I went out to eat at a Japanese restaurant. I can’t tell you what the name of it is because I can’t read Kanji. As with most new restaurants I eat at I wasn’t sure what was good at this specific location. I ordered chyashu ramen (pork with noodles in a soup), gyoza (vegetables wrapped up in a thin skin and then fried), hoikoro (meat with some vegetables and some kind of sauce), and beer. The Japanese guys in the restaurant were making fun of me because the volume of food I ordered. I explained to them that I wasn’t sure what was good there so I just ordered some food and I would eat what I thought was good. I asked them why they liked that restaurant and they told me because it was cheap and delicious. I ended up eating everything I ordered because they were making fun of me. Then when it came time to pay, I was in line behind one of them and his total came to 975 yen ($12.10 USD) and I said, “Wow, that is cheap.” Then I went to pay and my total came to 1750 yen ($21.73 USD) and I said, “That’s not cheap at all.” Then the Japanese guys started laughing.

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