Boar’s Head Handcrafted Sandwich

I was at the supermarket and I saw a Boar’s Head turkey sandwich that looked pretty good. Now, although this sandwich did taste as good as it looked, one thing I didn’t notice until I opened it because the sandwiches were standing vertically was the huge lettering at the bottom that said, “Handcrafted.” As I was eating the sandwich I couldn’t help, but think about why they would put that on the packaging. Are other sandwiches made specifically by sandwich making machines? Is there some sort of sandwich apprenticeship that they are proudly displaying their craftsmanship? Are they trying to brag? Perhaps this is just a stupid marketing ploy to try to entice people to buy their sandwiches. Whichever it is, it is all nonsense. Just let the sandwich speak for itself. It looked good. It tasted good. Leave it alone.

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