Bumper Bowling

Today I played bumper bowling against a 4 year old kid. The 1st game I got lucky by getting a strike and I ended up beating him 100 to 86. The second game was more close of 99 to 87. The 3rd game however, I was behind the whole game. I could not hit that head pin to save my life. It wasn’t until the 10th frame when I was down 80 to 94. I needed a strike or spare to catch up with this kid. I ended up bowling and getting 8 pins. Then my second ball I picked up the spare. Now all I had to do was get 5 pins to win. I ended up getting only 4 pins for the tie. It’s pretty sad when you have to have a come from behind spare to catch up with a 4 year old kid at bumper bowling.

Don’t worry though, I’m used to doing terrible at bowling. My worst game to date was a whopping 32. The best game I’ve ever had in my life was a 184. I think that was a once in a lifetime game. Don’t hold your breath to see me on the next bumper bowling circuit, however this 4 year old might be a force to be reckoned with.

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