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Apple releases the G5 iMac

Apple has really done it this time by releasing the new iMac with the G5 processor. This computer packs a lot of punch all into one little sleek design. I really like this design because it saves a whole lot of space, but the shear power of this computer is mind blowing. From what I’ve …

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Washington Redskins Down the Miami Dolphins

The Washington Redskins beat the Miami Dolphins 17 to 0 to put Washington 2 -1 in the preseason. During this game Mark Brunell passed completed 7 of 9 passes for 79 yards. While the Redskins running game was lead by Clinton Portis who had 37 yards and Rock Cartwright who finished with 33 yards. All …

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Bear guzzles Rainier Beer and Passes Out

This is some real news here. I found this article on CNN today. They hold all rights and copyrights to the material they have written, but this story is one that you have to read. It is exactly quoted off CNN as follows: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 Posted: 9:12 PM EDT (0112 GMT) SEATTLE, Washington …

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Unexplained Experience

This weekend I had an unexpainable experience. I went into my bathroom to wash my hands. When I turned around to wipe my hands off with a towel I noticed there were about 7 drops of blood running down the wall at about 5 foot high off the floor. I looked around to see if …

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Do You Ever Feel Like a Stupid, Dummy?

Well it seems that I suck at taking tests. Today I went back for my 3rd retake of the Microsoft 70-290 exam. I was previously showing progress, but this time I was tired going into take the exam and it showed. I couldn’t think straight if my life depended on it. That’s what happens when …

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4th of July, 2004

This 4th of July I was planning on taking it easy. I was planning on washing the car, giving the dog a bath, and just relaxing. Well it seems things did not work out like that, but in a good way. This year, at about noon a phone call was received asking to come out …

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Do You Ever Get the Idea People Just Like to Screw With You?

Today I had to complete my vehicle registration because I received notice of it in the mail. I could have mailed it in, however I had to update some information so submitting it by mail would not have been suffient. Upon arriving at the city hall there was a line like 3 miles long. I …

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CompUSA Never Ceases to Amaze

Today I was scheduled to take the Microsoft 70-290 exam. I went over to the CompUSA testing center and went in to take the test. When I got there I found out the test proctor’s husband had a stroke and she was unable to give the test. You would think CompUSA would have planned for …

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Spandex – A Privledge Not a Right!

I was in K-Mart the other day and I saw this fat lady in the store wearing some short shirt that did not cover her fat belly and spandex shorts. First off I would like to say anytime a woman’s belly is bigger than her breasts, that is not a good thing. Second of all …

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Atkins Diet is No Answer for Lack of Self Discipline

Everybody from McDonalds to Subway seems to be jumping on the bandwagon for this Atkins diet. Atkins may be a good diet, but for most fatasses out there it will not be the answer to getting slim as opposed to getting off your fat ass and doing a little exercise. A sucessful mathmatical equation to …

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Business Trip

I recently have arrived home from a business trip. This trip was to Seattle. The area around Seattle was nice. The forests were gorgeous, but the weather was a little too cold for me. Also it was cloudy all the time there. Other than that the business trip was a success. Other business associates and …

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Recently Purchased iMac

Well, I finally broke down and bought an iMac. I decided to purchase it after my previous computer finally kicked the bucket. I was fed up with troubleshooting my computer at home so I decided to splurge and go ahead and buy the iMac. So far I like everything about it. The graphics are fantastic, …

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Sifting Through Bookstore Bullshit

I went to the bookstore today and I was looking through the computer books. The thing I noticed when I was trying to find the right book was that there are a million books and half of them are about the same things, but just written by different people who are asking way too much …

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High School Reunion

I recently received an e-mail from a girl I knew in high school. She was trying to get updated contact information and trying to find out if I’ll come to my high school reunion. It was neat to see some of the names listed on the contact list. She also sent out this e-mail saying, …

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Dell Finally Gave In and Gave My Money Back

The Dell saga has ended. Finally today Dell gave my money back after initially placing the order on March 3rd, 2004. The product was shipped back last month and this month I was finally refunded my money. It seems they are much quicker at taking your money than they are at giving it back. It …

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Punishment For US soldiers in Iraq for Abuse

It is going to be interesting to see what kind of punishment the soldiers in Iraq will get. The interesting thing won’t be the example the military is going to make out of them, but instead because they are enlisted soldiers, will they get imprisonment? This is interesting because we know the only thing US …

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Dell Saga Continues

I contacted Dell again because I placed an order on March 3rd, 2004 and I cancelled that order the same day. Everything in that order was cancelled except the monitor that had already been shipped. Once I received notification of the product being delivered I noted “Return to Sender” on the package. With my handy …

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Friends is Now Over

The t.v. show Friends had its season finale tonight and it was a sad day for many of the shows followers. Friends initially started in 1994 and ran til 2004, it was a good decade for all the friends fans. Have no fear though because now we have Friends reruns to look forward to for …

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Roadside Incident in Afghanistan

When one of those things you never want to happen actually happens you just hope it isn’t one of your brothers in arms. This incident happened near Bagram airfield in Afghanistan.

Company Functions Are Not Too Exciting

Last Thursday April 29th, 2004 our office had an outing because different people from the company came to Hawaii for business. Although this was not mandatory it was highly encouraged to attend. I figured that meant you don’t have to go, but we”ll all be pissed off at you later. Since I don’t have a …

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Issues With Dell

On March 5th, 2004 I decided I had been waiting around long enough to get a new computer. The predicament I kept running into though was that every time I tried customizing a computer on Dell’s website the price would jump up drastically. So I decided to call their phone support to help me with …

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Cell Phone Plus Washing Machine Equals No Worky, Worky

A few weeks ago I had gotten home from work and realized I needed to wash laundry. Since I was washing laundry anyway I decided to wash the shorts I was wearing. So I loaded the washing machine and started the load of laundry. While I was waiting for the laundry to get done I …

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My First Bad Experience on eBay

I recently was looking online for a movie I hadn’t seen for about 12 years, ?If looks could kill?”. While searching around on the internet I wasn’t having much luck. Then I decided to check on eBay. There it was, I managed to find the DVD and starwars9111 was the user selling it. So I …

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Which is Worse, Sitting at Home Alone or Hanging Out With Lamers?

Last night I was bored so I decided to walk over to a friend’s house nearby. While there some other people showed up. Then they start prank calling people who they had in their cell phone address book. I felt like I was back in middle school again so I decided to go back home …

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Put Your Foot in Your Mouth

On Friday I went out with some coworkers at first we talked some work and then later after we had been drinking for a while we started shooting the shit for a while. Everything was great except for the stupid things that kept coming out of my mouth. It seemed that every point I was …

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Iraqi Things

Here are some photos of different Iraqi things.

Convoy to Iraq

Some sights that are seen during the convoy to Iraq.

Pro Bowl

Attended my first Pro Bowl in Hawaii. This was a real fun experience with tailgating, football, Navy Seals, cheerleaders, and an all around enjoyable day watching some football.

North Shore Oahu

I heard the surf is still up on the north shore so I took a drive out to the country to check it out again. I just can’t get enough of the big surf.

Banzai Pipeline Surf

I heard there was going to be some nice waves up on the north shore of Oahu, so I decided to take a drive and snap some photos of the surf at the Banzai Pipeline.

Drive Around Oahu

Took a drive around Oahu to see what things are going on. Along the way I stopped at the North Shore to see the surfing competition. I also stopped along the Pali lookout to soak in that great view. Then I stopped at the Kahala Hotel and Resort to check out the dolphins they have.

Halloween 2002

Typically I’m not very good at carving pumpkins, but this year I decided to give it a try. As you can see I am clearly no artist, but I think it came out decent.

Lake Tahoe

I was in Reno, Nevada for an event and since I’ve never been here I figure it would be nice to take a drive up to Lake Tahoe to see what it was like. Here are some of the photos I took along the way. As you can see there wasn’t much to look at …

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Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana

I went to visit a friend who was stationed at Barksdale Air Force base in Louisiana, here are the photos from that visit.

Thailand Stop Sign

Photo of a Thai stop sign, so if you were ever curious as to what they looked like, well here it is.

Korat, Thailand – Wing 1 Military Exercise Complex

Today I went by the Korat Royal Thai Air Force military exercise complex. Here are a couple photos from that.

Thailand Countryside Between Korat and Bangkok

I took a bus from Nakhonratsima, otherwise known as Korat, to Bangkok, Thailand. Here are some photos I took of the countryside while I was riding the bus.

Ratchapruk Hotel in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

In Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand, or Korat for short, there is the Ratchapruk hotel.  You can see the Main Street the hotel is on and the front of the hotel.  Below are photos of the view out of the back of the hotel.  It shows the what the surrounding area looks like in this spread out …

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Fishing Charter Boat – Oahu, Hawaii

Took a fishing charter boat out and when I wasn’t fishing I took some photos. Here are those photos. One neat thing about this fishing trip was that there was a mother whale and 2 calves. The mother showed the calves how to breach 1 time and then after that those calves kept breaching. It …

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Shark’s Cove Oahu, Hawaii

I went to Shark’s cove on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii and did some fishing. Here are some photos I took.

Eskan Village Bazaar

Periodically there would be a bazaar at Eskan Village in Saudi Arabia where some local vendors would be able to come onto the military installation and sell their products. Here are some photos from one of those events.

Thanksgiving at Eskan Village

Have you ever wondered what it is like for US service members serving overseas during the holidays? This is how Thanksgiving was celebrated, after the September 11th terrorist attacks, at Eskan Village which is 22 miles outside of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The funny thing was that the only real turkey was the one on display. …

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Sights Around Eskan Village

Here are some different things that can be seen around Eskan Village, Saudi Arabia.

Welcome to Eskan Village Saudi Arabia

I was sent on temporary duty to Eskan Village in Saudi Arabia. Eskan is located 22 miles southeast of Riyadh and it was originally built for the bedouin in 1983, however when the Saudi government built the village they did not accommodate the livestock so the bedouin’s turned down the use of the buildings. In …

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Hale’iwa Beach North Shore Hawaii

Hanging out on the north shore of Oahu at the Hale’iwa beach park. This photo is taken looking back at the harbor.

Waimea Bay Beach Park

Driving around the north shore of Oahu in Hawaii I drove past the Waimea Bay beach park. This is where they have the Eddie Aikao surfing competition when the waves are consistently over 50 feet tall.

View from Aloha Tower in Honolulu, Hawaii

Went over to the Aloha Tower in Honolulu, Hawaii today. I decided to take some directional photos from the top of the tower. Here is what the views look like from that point of view.

Typhoon Saomoi

While stationed in Okinawa I had the privilege to sit through a many of typhoons. Here was one of the typhoons that I got to endure. These images were downloaded from the Japanese national weather service.

Sunset View From Kadena-cho Seawall

Walked down to the seawall in Kadena-cho to watch the sunset. It was quite a beautiful evening.

Okinawa, Japan – Kadena-cho Seawall After Typhoon Jelawat

Walked down to the seawall in Kadena-cho in Okinawa, Japan today after Typhoon Jelawat. Here are a few photos I took.