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Sugar and Spice, Minus the Nice: The Bittersweet Truth About Sperm

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When You Notice She’s Cold

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A Woman’s Orgasm Isn’t Necessary

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Two Things I Can Stare at Forever

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Why Kangaroos Don’t Have Boobs

When She Asks Where You Are Taking Her For Dinner


You Know Who This Is

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When Buying a Used Bike I Hope it Wasn’t Ridden too Hard

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The Face You Make When You Miss the Toilet

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Who Puts a Piece of Gum on a Plate

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Flipping the Script: Embracing the Charm of a Classic Flip Phone in a Smartphone World

Mouth to Mouth CPR Comic

When You Just Start a Job and Already Have a Reputation

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Found Your Mom’s OnlyFans

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Time to Start Camping

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Sex Position Called the JFK

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I’m Calling Immigration Again

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When the Sex is so Good the STD needs a Cigarette

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A Wet Pussy Makes a Cock Feel Good

Swedish Have a Word for a Real Tear Jerker


Sometimes I don’t Want Sex