CompUSA Never Ceases to Amaze

Today I was scheduled to take the Microsoft 70-290 exam. I went over to the CompUSA testing center and went in to take the test. When I got there I found out the test proctor’s husband had a stroke and she was unable to give the test. You would think CompUSA would have planned for situations like this by employing a second test proctor, but that would be too logical. So I got to speak with the store manager and he informed me that I would have to reschedule. I informed him that if he was a good manager and he could not fulfill his obligations that he should get on the phone and make sure I can take my test elsewhere. Well, that didn’t seem to work. They told me to call back tomorrow when she will be back in the office. Since I was unable to complete my test today I decided I would go look around at the Mac software and perhaps talk to somebody about my my iMac will not connect to my linksys router wirelessly. When I got to the Mac area of CompUSA a gentleman asked me if I needed assistance.. I threw the idea at him that my iMac is not connecting to my wireless router. I informed him I had already talked with Apple’s tech support center and they concluded the airport extreme card is functioning correctly. He asked me if I had any firewalls running. I informed him I had the built in firewall turned off on the Mac. He asked me if I was using WEP. I informed him I was. He then proceeded to tell me that WEP is a firewall. I informed him that WEP is not a firewall, but instead it encrypts data packets between the computer and the router with the encryption key I configure the router and the computer with. He then started getting an attitude saying he was wrong. I did not disagree because he is wrong. He then told me that the linksys router has NAT built into it and that is a firewall. Once again I informed him that NAT is not a firewall, but instead allows multiple computers to share a single IP address. Then he told me he could not help me unless I wanted to bring the iMac into the store and try to get it to connect to their network. That would isolate my problem to either my router or a misconfiguration. It seems that everytime I go to CompUSA, I end up walking away pissed off. I get sick of these pimple faced punks trying to tell me wrong information. I don’t understand how these people get employed by this company when the obviously have no idea what the hell they are talking about. It seems that even if their manager cannot fulfill his obligations then who is he to get rid of their idiot sales people.