In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day I took the opportunity to go over to the Martin Luther King Jr. Monument.  Upon arriving my initial thoughts was that the status is white and there is a couple mountains on both sides that are white with a piece missing where I first walked through to enter the monument area.  I thought they could have done more with this monument, however after I walked by the right side of MLK and I read, “OUT OF THE MOUNTAIN OF DESPAIR, A STONE OF HOPE.”  Then as I continued around to the front I began to realize the perspective of the artist which carved MLK out of the missing piece of the mountain.  MLK was the hope that was taken out of the mountain of despair.  When I considered the MLK monument was one of the giants who helped form this nation and the company he is amongst being George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, this is where the experience was most humbling.  It was a beautiful day to reflect at what MLK’s contributions were for equal rights in the United States.

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