My First Xbox Does Not Want to Play Nice

My coworkers have been talking about how great Xbox is and how much fun it is to play online and since I’m still playing Mario cart on Nintendo 64, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I went out and bought an Xbox today. It was fantastic I got 3 games that came with the system, a remote control, and the Xbox itself. I brought it home and was excited to play. After fighting through all the packaging for 30 minutes I finally had my Xbox set up and ready to play, but which game would I start with? I had chosen Grand Theft Auto – Vice City It was great I was learning the game, running people over in my car, stealing a new car after I crashed one, aaaaah the fun of this game. After about 20 minutes of playing I turned the game off because I had an appointment to go to.

After my appointment I was all excited about playing again. So I raced home, came in, and powered on the game. While the game was loading there was a number 7 on the upper left hand side of the screen. I thought, “That’s odd I didn’t see that before.” Then an error message popped up saying my Xbox needed to be serviced. So I called the customer service to see if this was a common problem. They advised me to pack the game back up and take it back to the store because this game could have been damaged in shipping. I felt let down, especially after all this hype from my coworkers. I took the Xbox back to the store and exchanged it. Then I came home and spent another 30 minutes fighting through the packaging to get the Xbox out. When I connected this Xbox up I was anxious to see if this one would work too. Once I hit that power button it started loading. This Xbox works, but I only got to play this one for about 30 minutes before I went to bed. Oh well, all in a game player’s day I guess.

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