Pawn Stars

I was in Las Vegas, Nevada and decided to stop in on the Pawn Stars, t.v. show on the History channel, 24 hour pawn shop to see what it was like. To my surprise the pawn shop wasn’t very big, but it seemed to have a selection of old equipment, toys, art work, cartoons, comic books, money, weapons, guns, knives, instruments, and even t-shirts for sale. When talking with another person I was surprised to find out that Rick Harris, his son “Big Haus,” “Chumlee” or even the Old Man don’t really ever come into the pawn shop. When they do come into the shop, the shop is closed for filming and it isn’t open to the public, which means the people who come into the store on the show must be paid actors. That was kind of a disappointment to hear. Here are photos of what the shop looks like, what was inside it, and the different items.

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