Problems Incurred When Implementing New Technology

The purpose of this document is to describe what types of problems are most likely to be incurred while implementing a technology into an organization, such as the collaboration system into the organization for Kucera Clothiers scenario. Also included within this document are recommendations for how the problems can be resolved. This document is intended for anybody looking to gain a basic understanding or knowledge of managing challenges within an organization and providing solutions for problems.

Kucera Clothiers is implementing a collaboration system into their organization in order to improve communications, increase efficiency, and to improve customer relations, however they will most likely incur problems throughout the implementation of the new system. When managing people, products, or even projects there is a great probability that problems will occur and in order to effectively manage it is important to address any issues and press forward with the objective at hand. Some of the issues that can arise can come from people such as personality differences, power struggles, training issues, or even the lack of manpower. Other issues that can arise from a global company like Kucera Cothiers are religious, cultural, time related, and even legal issues. It is important for Kucera Clothiers to address any issues that may arise quickly and then refocus on the collaboration system project.

To better understand how Kucera Cothiers can deal with different issues it is important to look at the different issues that could arise and then consider possible solutions. Since Kucera Clothiers has chosen to implement a new collaboration system one of the possible issues that could arise from this system is training for all employees from around the world. In order to Kucera corporate headquarters to ensure all of its employees have been trained and understand how to use the system, it would cost too much in time and money to send all employees to training or seminars that may be generic or not specific to the company’s mission or goals anyway. One possible solution is to provide a web-based training either by using websites, downloadable videos, or even through the use of the collaboration system. This solution would be cost effective and most efficient for training all 100,000 employees from around the world (Frenzel, Frenzel, 2004 P.338). Another issue that could arise from the centralized location of the collaboration system is that different regions around the world may want to manage their own data. Kucera corporate headquarters identifying specific responsibilities in organizational policies can easily resolve this issue. An example of a legal issue that could arise could be that an employee is gathering company data and selling it to competitors because the employee thinks that they are in a foreign land that the United States laws do not apply to them. This issue may need to be prevented, but also addressed on a couple different levels. The first would be that the corporate headquarters, where the collaboration system is location, should be tracking all employees to ensure they are following corporate policies and then for employees, like this one, should be held accountable by being terminated or prosecuted according to corporate policies (Frenzel, Frenzel, 2004 P.341). A management issue that could arise could be that the project is falling behind and not being implemented as planned, which leads to delays, loss of revenue, and loss of customer satisfaction. In order to resolve an issue like this, the manager of the project may have to reconsider the milestones that have been previously identified, talk with the technicians to identify issues that are causing the delays, conduct a meeting with the installation team to get everybody organized and refocused, and potentially set more realistic milestones based upon the issues that have been identified.

In conclusion, there are numerous possible issues that could arise for Kucera Clothiers, while they are implementing the collaboration system, however by addressing the issues swiftly and concisely allows for Kucera to maintain focus on the task at hand so that it can be completed in a timely manner. When addressing any of the issue that arise, it is important to ensure that the issues to not build up and lead to larger issues which in turn can lead to the loss of time, resources, and revenue. It is important that all issues are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and given an equal amount of consideration in order to ensure the issue is resolved quickly and fairly. Dealing with issues quick and concise ensures that they are resolved at the lowest possible level of the organization and that control over the issues is maintained at all times.

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