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Apple releases the G5 iMac

Apple has really done it this time by releasing the new iMac with the G5 processor. This computer packs a lot of punch all into one little sleek design. I really like this design because it saves a whole lot of space, but the shear power of this computer is mind blowing. From what I’ve …

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CompUSA Never Ceases to Amaze

Today I was scheduled to take the Microsoft 70-290 exam. I went over to the CompUSA testing center and went in to take the test. When I got there I found out the test proctor’s husband had a stroke and she was unable to give the test. You would think CompUSA would have planned for …

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Recently Purchased iMac

Well, I finally broke down and bought an iMac. I decided to purchase it after my previous computer finally kicked the bucket. I was fed up with troubleshooting my computer at home so I decided to splurge and go ahead and buy the iMac. So far I like everything about it. The graphics are fantastic, …

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