Rejection Line

In case you meet anybody who you don”t want to give your telephone number to, but you do anyway because you feel bad – try this instead: Rejection line: If you are a woman/man and are constantly approached by unattractive or undesirable women/men asking for your phone number, give them this number:

Boston: 617-658-7083
New York City: 212-479-7990
Los Angeles: 310-217-7638
San Francisco: 415-356-9833
Atlanta: 770-908-7383
Charlotte: 704-559-4169
Chicago: 773-509-5096
Cleveland: 216-556-0051
Denver: 303-575-1696
Las Vegas: 702-387-2619
Miami: 305-460-3285
Seattle: 206-781-3928
Washington, DC: 202-452-7468

when the guy/woman calls that number, they get a friendly message saying that they were rejected.

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