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The Over Inflated Strength of Schedule Rankings at the Start of the Season Gives the SEC an Unfair Advantage

The SEC college football teams are no strangers to controversy! The ongoing debate about whether they receive an unfair advantage at the start of the season is a hot topic among football enthusiasts. Some argue that the team rankings are inflated, giving the SEC teams an edge based on their strength of schedule. While others …

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College Football has Taken the Weather as a Factor out of the Sport

College football has long been a beloved American pastime, with millions of fans tuning in each year to watch their favorite teams battle it out on the field. However, one aspect of the game that has changed dramatically over the years is the impact of weather on gameplay. In the early days of college football, …

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The Bowl Championship Series Changed College Football by Favoring the Southeastern Conference

The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) was supposed to be the ultimate game-changer for college football, but it ended up sparking a fierce controversy due to its alleged bias towards the (SEC). As one of the most powerful conferences in college football, the SEC had already been dominating the sport for years, with multiple national championships …

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I am Studying, but the “Stu” is Silent

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