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Unraveling the Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Is it a War or Something Else?

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The issue of whether Russia is locked in a war with Ukraine is a captivating and contentious subject that keeps experts and policymakers on their toes. This conflict between the two neighboring nations erupted back in 2014, when Russia seized Crimea, a territory that previously belonged to Ukraine. Since then, tensions have soared, thrusting eastern …

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Sun Tzu: The Art of War and its Enduring Influence

Photo realistic high definition image of Sun Tzu, a renowned Chinese general, military strategist, and philosopher

Sun Tzu, a renowned Chinese general, military strategist, and philosopher, lived during the Eastern Zhou period. His masterpiece, “The Art of War,” has achieved profound recognition as one of history’s most influential military treatises. Beyond its military applications, Sun Tzu’s philosophy emphasizes the significance of strategy, deception, and adaptability. This paper explores the key principles …

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James A. Garfield the Teacher, Major General, Lawyer, Politician, and President

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Meet James A. Garfield, the brilliant scholar who rose to the rank of Major General and became the 20th U.S. President. Born in Ohio in 1831, Garfield was a true prodigy who became a teacher at only 17 years old. He later pursued law and served in the Union army during the Civil War, where …

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Combat Shot Placement Theory

Math for Marines

The Military is Not Hard not he Body at All

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Distress Message Stranded on Island

Weekend Liberty Brief

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Veteran Affairs Comic

When You See a Veteran Sitting Alone and Smiling

Military Inner Child

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Military Communication Problems

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Military Halloween Costume

Group of Lost Army Lieutenant Hikers

Army Mechanics

My 2LT Son Will Get Your Enlisted Child Lost

Chinese War Training Personnel

As I was walking around and trying to get some photos at Tiananmen Square I, being a foreigner, was stopped by every security guard, policeman, volunteer security, and any other random security person. Obviously I don’t look asian and when they saw me coming I would get my documents ready because they were going to …

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AAFES No Longer Carries Vaping Products for Health Concerns

Nobody Likes Working With You

Shipment of Munitions Comic

Why Does the Navy go to El Centro?


Military Base Speed Limit

Buffer Operations Specialist

Military Training Wasted

Turn Off That Loud Fan

Infantry Veterans

United States Space Force Coin

When You Are on Deployment and She Shops at CVS at 0800

Driving 55mph in a Humvee Feels Like Reentering the Earth’s Atmosphere

Active Duty vs DD-214