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In the Bible Demons Use Pronouns

Ordered a Case of Tranny Fluid and This is What I Got

Mommy, I Think I’m a Boy

Almond Joy’s Got Nuts. Mounds Don’t!

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Now You Have to Call Me a Woman

When You’re Transgender and Think You’re Pregnant

Is it Fair for Transgender Athletes to be Competing in Women’s Sports?

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The issue of transgender biological males participating in women’s sports has ignited a heated debate in recent years. While some argue that inclusivity is paramount, others stress the significance of maintaining a fair playing field. The core concern lies in the physical differences between males and females. Biologically, males possess greater bone density, larger body …

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Drinking Bud Light is Gay

Bud Light Versus Coors Light Can

This Bud Light is so Cold

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Bud Light King of Queers

Bud Light Long Way Away from Real Men of Genius


Not a Dude Swimwear

Women’s NCAA Swimming Transgender Competitor

Joe Biden Smell Different

Michelle Obama Hurts Barack Obama

Time Magazine Says Michelle Obama is the Most Admired

Becoming Michelle Obama

Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama