Wireless Morons

You would be surprised how many people out there have wireless networks running at home or at a place of business. You would be even more surprised how many people do not change the factory default settings. I recently set myself up on a wireless network before I even set my router up I was detecting other networks. The hostnames were the router version and the passwords were the factory default passwords and of course their wireless networks had no security. I was amazed to see this, so naturally I had to do something about it. Just what though, I’ll keep it my little secret.’, ‘For all people considering putting themselves on a wireless network, be sure to change the factory defaults. Unless of course, you would like somebody else to take control of your network. It’s not hard to do and takes very little time. If somebody else can control your network, they can see what computers are on that network. Then to get files off those computers it’s even easier. Just a word of warning.