2004 NFL Pro Bowl – 25 years in Hawaii

At the start of the game the NFC had the ball first and didn”t do anything with it. The very first play for the AFC they threw a touch down pass. Then the NFC got the ball back and then the AFC blocked a punt for an AFC touchdown.

At the end of the 3rd quarter the score was the AFC 38 to NFC 27. Surprisingly this years Pro Bowl is better than last years due to the level of competition. I think that is resulted from this years youthful selectees to the Pro Bowl. At the beginning of the 4th quarter the AFC fumbled the football and the NFC (Lavarre Arrington) recovered the ball, but the NFC got a unsportsmanlike penalty resulting in an AFC 1st down and eventually at touchdown. The NFC came back with a 58 yard kickoff return then the very next play was a touchdown pass to left tight end (Crumpler). Late in the 4th quarter Payton Manning threw 2 interceptions resulting in 2 NFC touchdowns. The NFC took the lead 55 – 45 with 3:32 left in the game. The AFC went down to score again then they kicked an onside kick. The NFC (waved a fair kick) and the AFC hit him resulting a penalty. The NFC (Mark Bulger) threw and interception in the end zone and Brock Marion ran the ball out to the 22 yard line. The AFC drove the ball all the way down the field to the 23 yard line where Payton Manning was sacked. The clock wound down the 4 seconds then the AFC kicked a 51 yard field goal and missed it wide right. The NFC came back to win the game 55 – 52.’, ‘During the pregame ESPN showed a story about Priest Holmes (running back for the Kansas City Chiefs) going to the USS Arizona Memorial. While he was at the memorial he was wearing a snot rag on his head the whole time showing complete disregard to the rules. Prior to departing to the USS Arizona everybody receives a briefing of the Arizona being a national monument and everybody should show respect while at the monument by removing all headgear. This is not an outrageous rule. It is no different than remaining quiet at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington DC. Is this an example that children should look up to when they look at these role models?

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