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Meet People the Old Fashioned Way

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Arby’s Has the Meats


When You Notice She’s Cold

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A Woman’s Orgasm Isn’t Necessary

Men Are Polite to Women Who Wear a Bikini


Strong Independent Women

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Is it Fair for Transgender Athletes to be Competing in Women’s Sports?

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The issue of transgender biological males participating in women’s sports has ignited a heated debate in recent years. While some argue that inclusivity is paramount, others stress the significance of maintaining a fair playing field. The core concern lies in the physical differences between males and females. Biologically, males possess greater bone density, larger body …

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Dreaming I was at Walmart

Bud Light Long Way Away from Real Men of Genius


It’s Like Dating Multiple Girls at the Same Time

Size Does Matter to Women

Men, Know Your Worth

How Men Show Women They Are Interested

Men Are Innocent Creatures

Life is Like a Corn Dog

What Women See Versus Men See at the Urinals

Calling All Mediocre Males

Two Types of Women

Women’s NCAA Swimming Transgender Competitor

Timeout Chair for Her

Summer is Finally Here

Fun Fact: Majority of Archeologists Are Women

Women’s Boxing Heavyweight Champion

Something Men Never Say

Life is Like a Penis

New WNBA Star to Replace Brittney Griner

If You Don’t See Dimples When She’s Apologizing

When Guys See Women Do Yoga

Women Who Wear Yoga Pants

Yoga Class Makes One Feel Calm and Centered

Things She’s Heard About You