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Joe Biden The Magician

Joe Biden Confronts America’s Worst Enemy

United We Stand, With Biden We Fall

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Breaking Down Bidenomics

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Double Trouble: Unveiling the Canine Enigma

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White House Press Secretary Briefing

Biden Sharing His Economic Vision


Building Back Better: The Biden Presidency Unveiled

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Joe Biden’s presidency marks a historic moment in the United States’ political landscape. As the 46th President, he was inaugurated on January 20, 2021, after an impressive career of public service. Prior to his presidency, he served as Vice President under Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017 and as a senator representing the state of …

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Exploring the Depths of Election Fraud

Lady Liberty Takes Care of Joe Biden

Grandpa Smells Like Piss

Yoda Talks to Joe Biden

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How Joe Biden Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

Joe Biden Dances with Snowflakes

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Follow the Science About Vaccines

If Build Back Better was a Swing Set

Joe Biden Keeps Classified Documents as Secure as the Border

Parking Space and Classified Document Space in Biden’s Garage

Joe Biden Checks Out All the Classified

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Joe Biden Angry with Hunter Biden for not Cleaning Garage

Where to Store Classified Documents Training

Democrats Leaving 2022

Biden White House Christmas

Hunter Biden Talks To Joe About His Laptop

POTUS Amber Alert

Children Safe from Joe Biden

Joe Biden Did That

Meanwhile at Martha’s Vineyard

Driving Slow in the Passing Lane

Joe Biden Portraying Doc Holliday

If Joe Biden Had a Quarter for Every Smart Thing He Said