A Moment in Time With a Beluga Whale

While at Sea World San Diego, I had a moment in time where I was truly amazed. It was early in the morning and nobody else was around. While watching the beluga whales one stopped and appeared to look at me and opened it’s mouth, almost like a smile, and then it ducked under and went about it’s way. Then the whale swam back around the tank as if it were to check up on me. That was very cool and I don’t know if I will ever have another magical moment like that in my lifetime.

Being here in California there are a lot of different opinionated people and groups such as PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) around who like to bash Sea World for what they do. I am not one to pass judgement, but I can say that Sea World does seem to care about the creatures in the ocean. I have personally seen their vehicles race out to a beach to pickup and save an injured sea lion or harbor seal and then to only release it back into the wild. It’s like a hospital for ocean life and they help to inform, bring awareness to others, and inspire future generations to help protect the precious sea life that exists. That’s ok in my book.