Do Presidential Candidate Rallies Really Help? Use the Money More Productively.

Since this is an election year there are going to be a few stories about the upcoming election. To go along with that there is one thing that really boggles my mind. First to kind of hit on the topic, I would like to ask if you have ever been sitting at home contemplating which presidential nominee you are going to vote for, then you hear of a rally coming to town. So you decide to go and check it out. Then what happens at that rally really makes you change your vote? I didn’t think so. These presidential nominee rallies that I see on t.v. really make me wonder how much of a waste of time and money they really are. It seems to me that when you decide what rally you want to attend is a predetermination of how you want to vote. I’ve never heard of anybody say, “Well, I was going to vote for Bush, but that Kerry is really a hell of a speaker so I think I will vote for him now.” Usually the people who go and show their support for these things already know they are going to vote for the candidate they are there supporting. With that being said and since people who show up to support a candidate typically vote for that candidate, does it really makes sense for the candidates to waste all the time and money to hop from state to state hosting these rallies? By cutting them out it seems it would completely cut down the budget by millions that were needed for the campaign. What would this extra money be used for you may ask? It could be used to cut taxes, fund the war on terrorism, lower the national debt, fund national security, lower gas prices, and the list goes on and on. The point being there should be few televised national speeches and debates throughout the year. Lets say maybe one a quarter, that way the candidates won’t leave the voters minds. That would be a heck of a lot better than seeing all this crap about who’s campaign is bashing who’s on t.v. all year long and all that other crap you see on CNN, Fox News, MSN, NBC and all the other news channels. Anyway this is just an idea to clean the airways of crappy news stories and pose a solution for funding instead of continuously raising taxes for national interests.

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