Leaving Tokyo

Today I’m leaving Tokyo, Japan. This was a nice trip to take it easy and catch up with friends. I’m sitting at the Narita airport waiting to catch the plane. I just finished eating at McDonalds. The thing that is crazy about McDonalds here in Japan is that I asked for 1 BBQ sauce to each my french fries with and the lady told me I can’t get a BBQ sauce when I order a burger. This is the 2nd time this happened to me in Japan. So after requesting a BBQ sauce for a couple of minutes, I finally asked her if my wasn’t good at McDonalds. She finally fessed one up. That is definitely some Japanese thinking. They definitely don’t think outside the box and heaven forbid somebody actually likes BBQ sauce with their french fries. Oh well, it has definitely been a good trip and it was very enjoyable seeing how Tokyo has changed. Now just for the long plane ride back to the US.

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