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Shifting Sands: Navigating the Debate on Immigration, Voting, and Democratic Policies

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The issue of illegal immigration and voting rights has been a contentious one in the United States for many years. Some argue that the Democratic Party has been actively working to change laws in order to allow undocumented individuals to enter the country and vote in elections. This argument is based on the notion that …

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The Department of Homeland Insecurity: A Closer Look at its Failed Promises

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was established in 2002 to protect the nation from various threats, including terrorism, natural disasters, and cyberattacks. However, the DHS has been heavily criticized for failing to secure the US-Mexico border, which is considered one of the most porous borders in the world. Despite spending billions of dollars on …

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When Will CDC Recommend Closing the Southern Border

Barack Obama on Illegal Immigration in 2005

Border King

United States and Mexico Border Wall

For those who are angry at Donald Trump for suggesting that he will build a wall to separate the United States and Mexico, have no reason to actually be angry at Donald J. Trump. It will be rather difficult for him to build a wall where there is already a wall that separates the United …

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