Software Applications Forensic Investigators Use

[Content] In the realm of computer forensics, there are many different software applications and hardware that digital forensic investigators need to use to find evidence against a crime that was committed, protect the evidence so that it maintains its integrity, and then present the evidence that was found. The vast majority of software applications that …

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Data Encryption Standard and 3DES

Abstract The purpose of this document is to explain how Data Encryption Standard (DES) works and why 3 DES is now used. Also included within this document is an explanation of why the middle portion of 3DES is a decryption instead of an encryption. The last item talked about within this document is a nonce …

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Estimating Business Investment

[Abstract] The purpose of this document is to provide an increased or basic knowledge of how automating the business by using computers and applications has advantages and disadvantages. Also included within this document is a plan to estimate the return on investment for automating the business, as well as, a determination of automating the business …

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