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Mouth to Mouth CPR Comic

When You Don’t Know CPR, but You Try Your Best

Safety First Sign Interpretation

a sign on the side of a fence

Danger Sign with Clear Message

a sign on a pole

Man Dies After Falling into Giant VAT of Coffee

Let’s Talk About Home Defense

Drivers on Their Cellphones While Driving in China

While driving in China seeing drivers on their cell phones is an everyday occurrence and it is, not only annoying, but it is also unsafe. Drivers are bad enough, but also being on their phones while driving makes them a ticking time bomb for an accident.

Bear Safety Tip

Public Safety Threatens Good Time

Never Let the Government Take Your Guns

Familiarize Yourself With Aircraft Safety Features

Listen to Experts and Wear Protective Gear

Trust me I’m an Engineer

Safety Message: How to Hold on While Train is Moving

How to correctly hold on in a moving train. No, No…………………………. the old guy by the door!