What does a college degree do for you?

Typically after high school, everybody has aspirations of furthering their education by going to college. What does an associate’s degree really do for you though? It was this question that intrigued me to start asking business professionals who have already attained their degree what it actually did for them. The common response I got back was that the associate’s degree didn’t really do much for them. It was a combination of a degree with work experience and determination that landed them the job. In some cases people said the degree didn’t help them get the job because they happened to land the job through a common person they already knew. They did however say the degree helped them to start out with a little more money.’, ‘Other than that, people let me know that as long as your degree is in something specialized to what career field you want to work in it can help you land a job. They also said the associate’s degree didn’t do much for them, but that with the bachelor’s degree helped. One person even went as far as to say he worked in the human resources department of his business for a little while. He broke it down by saying a well written resume will get the employer’s attention. Then from there if you have an associate’s degree that is equal to (lets just say for this example) 5 points. Then a bachelor’s degree is equal to another 5 points. Work experience is equal to 10 points and then from there if you have any certifications they would be worth another 5 points. He said when his employer would go through the resumes they would add up everybody’s points and from there they would determine who’s resume best fit the company’s needs. So all in all does a degree alone do anything for you? Probably a little bit, but it’s definitely a combination of different things that makes you the best candidate for the job.

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