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Beijing Uses Nutrient Bags for Trees

In Beijing, China the ground is very dry and has a layer of dust from the Gobi Desert. Whenever that layer of dust gets wet it solidifies and becomes hard like concrete which doesn’t provide a lot of nutrients for vegetation. It looks weird when initially seeing it because it looks like an IV bag, but they will hang bags full of nutrients for different kinds of plants to grow.

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Walking on the Sidewalk in China Can Be Difficult

Walking down the sidewalk in China can be difficult. This is an actual photo of a sidewalk in Beijing. First off they use bricks which looks nice, but over time it becomes bumpy and uneven. Then they place as many obstacles in the path of the sidewalk as possible. This causes all sorts of hazards to the pedestrian.

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Drivers on Their Cellphones While Driving in China

While driving in China seeing drivers on their cell phones is an everyday occurrence and it is, not only annoying, but it is also unsafe. Drivers are bad enough, but also being on their phones while driving makes them a ticking time bomb for an accident.

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