Kelly Ripa Shows Her Cameltoe While Changing Tire

Guns N’ Rose Private Jet

I was at the Wellington airport last week after the Guns N’ Roses concert and much to my surprise was their private jet. I wouldn’t have known it was their jet if it wasn’t for a security guard that clued me in. I thought it was pretty darn cool.

When You Told Her You are a Monster in Bed

Photos of Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand

Mount Ruapehu is a stratovolcano on New Zealand’s northern island that stands a height of 9,177 feet at its highest point.

In this photo you can see both Mount Ruapehu, as well as, Mount Ngauruhoe which stands 7,516 feet in elevation.

Guns N’ Rose Live in Wellington – Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Guns N’ Rose Live in Wellington – November Rain

Men, Know Your Worth

Guns N’ Rose Live in Wellington – Sweet Child O’ Mine

Tibetan Sand Fox has Same Expression as Wife Who Heard Husband’s Joke

Guns N’ Rose Live in Wellington – Slash Guitar Solo

McDonald’s Staff Making Filet-o-Fish

Guns N’ Rose Live in Wellington – You Could Be Mine

The Australian that was fan hit in the face with the microphone at the end of the concert she was nice enough to make a sign for this concert.

Stripping to Feed Her Kids

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman’s Message

Guns N’ Rose Live in Wellington – Estranged

Guns N’ Rose Live in Wellington – Live and Let Die

The National Library of New Zealand

Alien Weaponry Live in the Sky Stadium Wellington, New Zealand

Alien Weaponry was the opening band for the Guns N’ Roses concert. In my honest opinion they should have gone second in the lineup and let The Chats open the concert. I felt Alien Weaponry were much better than the Chats.

Guns N’ Roses Live in Wellington

Got my ticket to watch Guns N’ Roses live in Wellington, New Zealand. This should be a pretty awesome concert in the Sky Stadium.

Guns N’ Roses
Thu 08 Dec 2022
5.00pm – Gates open
5.30pm – Alien Weaponry
6.20pm – The Chats
7.30pm – Guns N’ Roses

New Zealand Parliament House

Walked by the New Zealand Parliament House.

Attack on Pearl Harbor Remembrance

This year for the remembrance of the attack on Pearl Harbor here is the quote from Harry S. Truman from the World War II memorial in Washington D.C.

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Michigan Map

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Playing Go Fish

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