Exhaust Clouds

If He Remembers Your Eye Color

Be Careful What You Eat

Thank You for the Support

Hold onto the Good Things in Life

Please Be Patient

Always Winners

A Tight Dress

A Good Teacher

Stop, Thief!

This Property is a Farm Notice

Building Trust

Punny Business Names

Dog Has a Gun

Good in Bed

Auto Repair Price List

Don’t Want to be Separated From Your Family?

Don’t Want to End up in a Detention Center?

Pull Up Your Pants for Service

Beluga Feeding Time

Shark Tunnel Video

Leave the Bubble Wrap Alone

For the Love of Bacon

SeaWorld Laser Light Show

Wooden Carved Indian Chief

Found this wooden carved Indian chief in front of a store in Tombstone, Arizona.  It is good to respect and honor thy elders.

Don’t Miss Out on Life

We’ll Always be Best Friends

Video of SeaWorld Show: Orca Encounter

Video of SeaWorld Show: Atlantis Ignites

Beluga Whales at SeaWorld San Diego

One of my favorite creatures to see at SeaWorld in San Diego are the beluga whales.  They have a really cool design to them as they are long and narrow with small fins, kind of like a torpedo.  I also like their personable characteristics you can see in their face with their big bulbous head.

Eugene Shoemaker’s Sketch of Meteor Crater