Today Already Feels, How Long?

Always Use Spellcheck

Driving 55mph in a Humvee Feels Like Reentering the Earth’s Atmosphere

It’s Gender Neutral

So Offended Need to Steal

A Day in the Life as the Opposite Sex

Shanghai Disneyland Castle

The Shanghai Disneyland is celebrating being open for 5 years.  Here are some photos of different angles of the Shanghai Disney Castle.

It Takes Two People for a Failed Relationship

When it Looks Like a Painter’s Radio

Take Pill With Water

Today’s Bad Decisions Aren’t Going to Make Themselves

Message to Auto Industry

Women With and Without Makup

Things to See Around The Summer Palace in Beijing

Wife is Running Late Because She’s at the Mall

Beer May Not Solve Problems

Wife Left at Barbeque

Independence Day 2021

This year in honor of the 4th of July I am sharing a photo I took in Washington D.C. at the WWII memorial of Old Glory. In this photo you can see the United States flag, the Washington Monument circled by flags, the Capitol Building, and the WWII Memorial.

Confucius on Woman Fishing With 5 Men

Nothing Wrong With a Good Girl Having a Naughty Side

No One Asks How the Hoes Doing

Friend Zone Fleshlight

The Real Reason Evolution Started

Heavy Machinery Interview

In Idaho Bullets Are Sold by the Pound

Little Johnny on Call Girl, Girlfriend, and Wife

Hooters Girl Before Grabbing Your Food

My initial thought is get your finger out of those granny panties.

Semen is Visible Under a Blacklight

Winning at Life Toilet

Pawn Stars When a Woman Tells You Her Problems