2008 Sugar Bowl Results: Georgia 41 – Hawaii 10

Well, well, Hawaii went to the Sugar Bowl and played Georgia. Ummm‚ there isn’t much to be said, Georgia handed Hawaii‘s ass to them on a silver Cajun platter. This game was over at halftime. One of the most comical parts of the whole game was when Hawaii knew they were done for, so they pulled Colt Brennan out of the game to put in backup quarterback Tyler Graunke. It was Graunke who threw a pass to score the only touchdown of the day for Hawaii. After the touchdown was scored, the cameras showed Colt Brennan on the sideline hanging his head. Now that was funny. The bottom line to this whole ordeal is that’s if you want to be the best, you need to play the best.  By playing  half-assed teams, Hawaii wasn’t even close to being ready to be playing for anything close to the National Championship. It seems that there are a lot of optimists out there who believe Hawaii was going to win the bowl game. Don’t forget that this was the University of Hawaii‘s 1st ever BCS bowl game and Georgia put one hell of a beating on them with a final score of 41-10.

I’ve heard a lot of complaining of how Michigan State bought their way out of their contract instead of playing Hawaii and how Michigan turned them down. What’s the point? USC, LSU, and even Appalachian State turned Hawaii down also. Teams in the BCS are ranked based upon their strength of schedule. Playing teams like Hawaii doesn’t put you in the hunt for the National Championship. Until teams like the University of Hawaii are consistent enough to win bowl games, other teams will not take them seriously. That will definitely take this organization many years to achieve. They should start by taking the money they received by losing in the Sugar Bowl and actually putting it to good use, like upgrading their facilities. By having 2nd rate facilities, its no wonder why nobody wants to come to the University to play sports. Until that happens UH can keep struggling their way through the “Weak Ass Conference” (WAC) and pissing and moaning about how other teams are making headlines.

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