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Areas Digital Forensic Investigators Find Evidence

[Abstract] The purpose of this document is to provide a basic understanding of computer forensics by identifying five areas in computers and computer applications a forensic investigator can look for digital evidence. Also included within this document are three types of criminal investigations that can utilize the services of computer forensic investigators. Lastly, a description …

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Information Systems and Users

[Abstract] The purpose of this document is to provide an increased or basic knowledge of how users interact with information systems by utilizing input and output devices, computer performance factors, network performance issues, and correlating them to the online virtual campus. [Content] When viewing the American Intercontinental University online virtual campus system as an information …

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Old Virus

1. THE AL GORE Virus….(Causes your computer to just keep counting and counting) 2. THE CLINTON Virus….(Gives you a 7-Inch Hard Drive with NO memory) 3. THE BOB DOLE (aka: VIAGRA) virus…(Makes a new hard drive out of an old floppy) 4. THE LEWINSKY Virus…(Sucks all the memory out of your computer, then Emails everyone …

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