Which is Worse, Sitting at Home Alone or Hanging Out With Lamers?

Last night I was bored so I decided to walk over to a friend’s house nearby. While there some other people showed up. Then they start prank calling people who they had in their cell phone address book. I felt like I was back in middle school again so I decided to go back home and take my dog for a walk.

After I had finished the walk I decided to call them up and let them know that if they were going out to give me a call. They said they were going to just hand out at home and for me to come back over. So I decided it was much better to hang out with them than it was to stay at home. While over there people had been drinking for a while and I was behind the power curve so I decided I did not want to drink.

We played a game of euchre and then moved onto spades. During the game of spades this one punk was making up rules as he went along. This proved to me that he had no idea how to play spades, but because nobody wanted to argue we all decided to go along with him. While we were playing spades the husband and wife of that address decided they were going to get into a fight. Imagine this 4 players sitting around playing spades outside your door and you decide to go inside and have a fight where everybody can hear. It was kind of an embarrassing situation for everybody.

After the game of spades was over the drunk spade player who kept changing the rules decided we should go to a party. Since I was the only sober one of the group I volunteered to drive. After driving around for 45 minutes we finally found this party and went inside. There were some hot chicks there, but soon after we arrived the police also decided to show up. We hung out at this party for a while then the cops decided to show up again and the person who was throwing this party had to break it up.

After that I ended up just taking everybody home. The point being that no matter how bad a night is or how juvenile people act, it sure beats sitting at home alone.