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Cultural Appropriation in the Fashion Industry: Navigating the Fine Line Between Inspiration and Insensitivity

The fashion industry, renowned for its boundless creativity and relentless pursuit of innovation, confronts a pressing issue—managing the fine line between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation. This dilemma has gained significant attention in recent years, with numerous designers and brands criticized for utilizing elements from marginalized cultures without appropriate knowledge, respect, or recognition. Whether on …

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Katy Perry is Not About Music

The Myth, the Monster, and the Symbolic Power of Medusa

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The legend of Medusa is a captivating tale that has mesmerized people worldwide for centuries. According to Greek mythology, Medusa was a stunning beauty with luscious hair, but she was cursed by the goddess Athena. The curse transformed her hair into venomous snakes and disfigured her face so horribly that anyone who gazed upon her …

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When a Girls Asks What You Are Looking For in a Relationship

Why Are you Dating Her?

Wife Asked if She is the Only One

Still Using a Flip Phone

Awesome Hat

Wife Asks if Her Friend is Pretty and Surprised by the Answer

The Winter Months Are Coming

Both Irrelevant

Waiting for Low Tide

How the High Five Was Invented

Two in One Shampoo

Holding on For Dear Life

Full Breasts

Green Eggs and Damn!

How to Stop an Argument

Women Beauty Products Compared to Men with Soap

Nice Cans

I found this at the Sanyuanli Wet market in Beijing and I knew right away there was a joke to be made.  “Nice cans!”  These are actually cans of diet tea to help you lose weight.

Makeup Performs Miracles

Interesting Flowers in Arlington

While walking down the street in Arlington, Virginia I happened to notice these interesting flowers.

Tackle Box Face

25 Million Women Hair Appointment

Makes You Look Better Naked

Moment You Are Beautiful

Beauty Comes in All Shapes

The Beauty of Sunflowers

Taking some photos and I was amazed with the natural beauty of something as simple a sunflower.

Kamakura Station Manhole Cover

Japan isn’t just a country with millions upon millions of people. There is a lot of art and beauty everywhere you look. It is cool to see the smallest details of art such as this manhole cover near the Kamakura Station.

Which is Blonde?

Click image to find the answer.

Border X Brewery Event

Went to an event at the Border X Brewery in San Diego where there were cool cars, bikes, street artwork, and beauties. This event took place in a very predominant hispanic part of town in Barrio Logan. At this event I think I was the token white guy there. Here are some photos of the …

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