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Active Duty vs DD-214

Bathroom Sign

Nice Cans

I found this at the Sanyuanli Wet market in Beijing and I knew right away there was a joke to be made.  “Nice cans!”  These are actually cans of diet tea to help you lose weight.

Navy Player Named After Primary MOS

When Canada Joins a War

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A Bargoyle

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Military Cry Room

Makeup Performs Miracles

Joe Biden Doesn’t Know What He’s Signing

Even Toothpaste Knows

Local Sports Team

Granny is Yet to be in an Accident

Open the Bible

Forgive Me Father

Dog Sex Toy

Why do humans only get to enjoy Valentine’s Day?  Now you can give a gift that makes your pet happy too.

Gun Doesn’t Shoot Straight

What Kind of Game is This?

Girls Who Are Into Bondage

Only God Can Judge Me

Different Reactions

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New Year Comic

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