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Aug 01

Vanish Roller Coaster in Japan

If you ever find yourself in Tokyo, Japan and are looking for something to do, you should take the subway train over to the Sakuragicho train station in Yokohama. A short walk from the train station you will see a big ferris wheel and at the base of that ferris wheel is a roller coaster …

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Aug 19

Political Correctness

For the last six odd years, almost all of the things I wanted to write or say, have been stymied by that modern term referred to as ‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’.. Although I consider myself reasonably fluent in English, that term was not in my vocabulary. Curiosity got the better of me so I decided to do …

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Aug 17

Yodobashi Camera Electronics Store Akihabara, Japan

Today I took the train over to Yodobashi camera in Akihabara, Japan. As I stood there waiting to cross the street I thought that would make a nice photo and here is that shot.

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Nov 09

Sights Along the Drive From Tokyo to Nagano

Took a drive in Japan from Tokyo to Nagano today and took some photos along the way. Some of the mountains that you can see are the Minami Alps. I got a couple shots of some cars. The views along the drive were very nice and so was the experience.

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Nov 11

Ueno Zoo

Went over to the Ueno zoo in Tokyo today. Here are some of the photos I took as I was walking around and checking out the different animals.

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Aug 23

Nippon Maru Maritime Training Ship

Took the train over to the Sakura-gicho train station in Yokohama today to wander around and see what sights were to be seen. While there I boarded the Nippon Maru maritime training ship that is permanently docked in Yokohama and now used as a museum.

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Aug 22

Driving by Tokyo Tower

Drove through Tokyo today and snapped these photos of Tokyo Tower. It’s so weird seeing a big tower that looks like the Eiffel Tower in the middle of one of the most populated cities in the world.

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Aug 21

Sakura-gicho, Yokohama, Japan

Went to Sakura-gicho in Yokohama, Japan. ¬†This place is pretty neat because it is on the Tokyo bay and there are plenty of things to see and do. There is Landmark tower, which is one of the tallest buildings in Japan. There is the cup of ramen factory there, stores, and even a small amusement …

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Jun 16

Asakusa – Tokyo, Japan

Went to Asakusa in Tokyo, Japan today. Here are some photos of the things I saw while I was there.

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Jun 16

Buddhist Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo

Took the subway train to visit the buddhist temple in Asakusa district of Tokyo.

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