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Police Job

Trumpkin Pie

Saw this t-shirt at a store at the Reagan International airport and thought it was pretty funny.

Do it for the Kids

Boyfriend’s Wife Hates Me

Better Than No Job T-shirt

Buy a Vowel

The Husband’s T-shirt

My wife was always after me to go shopping with her. Then I began wearing my favorite t-shirt. Now she doesn’t want me to go shopping with her anymore.

Best Shirt Ever

Well, at least it gives us a reason to focus on her.

Radio Station Took Suggestion

A person I work with showed me a website with photos of a person for a “Thong of the Day” and a “Babe of the Day.” Although this website had a great idea I have never listened to this radio station before. I do however listen to another radio station and they had a link …

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Jason Newsted (Former Metallica Bassist) the Unknown Story

In 1998 I was in Okinawa, Japan when I received my Metallica fan club magazine which informed me of the bands upcoming tour. It was actually happening, Metallica was coming to Japan. I knew immediately I had to get tickets. So I checked with the Metallica club to see if I could get tickets through …

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