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Doesn’t That Hurt When You Walk?

Mosquito Trap

Government Says to Stock Up on Supplies

Blindness Cure

How Mermaids Are Made

Wife Singing in the House

Morning Inspiration

What Do You Want for Supper?

Golfing Problem

Dog’s Name is…

Farmer’s New Scarecrow

Visual Clue You Might Have a Drinking Problem

Foreign Border Patrol

How To Make A Margarita

Exhaust Clouds

Please Be Patient

This Property is a Farm Notice

Dog Has a Gun

Good in Bed

Auto Repair Price List

Pull Up Your Pants for Service

For the Love of Bacon

We’ll Always be Best Friends

Don’t Die a Virgin

Not Falling For That Again

A Dog Needs a Home

Vaginas Are Like the Weather

Who Plays With Them the Most

Thinking About Sex

Decreasing Stroke Odds